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          Oralia Mendez

          Administrative Assistant III

          Oralia is new to the City of Dallas and the UTD Campus, having recently transferred here from the UT Health Science Center in San Antonio. Oralia has been with the UT System since 1990 and is very excited to be part of the UTD family.

          Shaun Wilson

          Research Associate
          PhD, Interdisciplinary Studies in Human Development

          Shaun Wilson is a research associate for UT Dallas' School of Interdisciplinary Studies and the Office of Diversity and 社区参与 (ODCE). She has spent more than 10 years collaborating with museums, school districts, universities, and non-profit agencies such as Preservation LINK, Inc. to address youth development. She conducts project specific research and evaluation, with a particular focus on college access programs, such as the College Readiness Initiative and the Academic Bridge Program. As a recent addition to ODCE, Shaun works with UTD staff and partners from the community and corporate sector to garner support for burgeoning and established diversity initiatives at UT Dallas.

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