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          Where do I sign up for email notifications?

          To sign up for email notifications, please submit your information through this link. 该 ODCE website features upcoming events, and you can find campus events through the comet calendar.

          Does the Office of Diversity and 社区参与 (ODCE) offer scholarships?

          ODCE offers some scholarships. For more information, contact the Department of 社区参与. 该 Financial Aid Office also has a list of other scholarships offered to UT Dallas students.

          What are the requirement to become a student at UT Dallas?

          For first time freshmen, the Office of Admission and Enrollment reviews academic grades, AP, IB, dual credit, high school rank, GPA, SAT or ACT scores as well as other factors to select students.

          What does the Department of 体制的多样性 Initiatives (DIDI) do?

          Department of 体制的多样性 Initiatives at UT Dallas promotes diversity through its marketing, 多样性系列讲座, 保留奖学金 Fund, annual recognition ceremonies and other diversity educational initiatives.

          What does the 社区参与 (CE) department do?

          社区参与 utilizes several programs to encourage and retain the enrollment of underrepresented populations at UT Dallas. CE also offers opportunities for UT Dallas student leaders to assist underrepresented prospective students.

          What is the 多元文化中心 (MC)?

          多元文化中心 focuses on cultural programs, support services, leadership resources and educational workshops to support student achievement. 该 MC also provides a comfortable place for students to gather and relax between studies and extracurricular activities.

          What is the galerstein性别中心 (GGC)?

          Through programming, educational workshops/training and activities, the galerstein性别中心 promotes the exchange of ideas and greater understanding of LGBT+ issues, workplace equity and educational growth in a climate of mutual respect

          What is the 机构股票和标题IX举措?

          机构股票和标题IX举措 supports and enhances the University’s commitment to equal access and equal opportunity for all employees and students. 该se offices provide leadership and service to support compliance in the areas of affirmative action, equal opportunity, and the prevention of unlawful discrimination, harassment, and retaliation.

          What are some veteran programs offered at UT Dallas?

          该 Military and Veteran Center (MVC) provides multi-faceted support and community engagement for our fellow veterans at UT Dallas.

          How does UT Dallas support LGBT+ students?

          Through programming, educational workshops/training and activities, the galerstein性别中心promotes the exchange of ideas and greater understanding of LGBT+ issues, workplace equity and educational growth in a climate of mutual respect.

          What are some of the student organizations or Greek life offered at UT Dallas?

          UT Dallas offers a variety of organizations such as religious groups, cultural, volunteering, hobby clubs and leadership programs through the Student Organization Center and Greek chapters at Fraternity and Sorority Life (FSL).

          What mentoring programs are offered at UT Dallas?

          One popular program is the Freshman Mentor Program- which connects freshman students with upperclassmen to participate in campus activities and social events. For other programs, contact individual schools in the University.

          我怎么可以设立合伙达拉斯德州或了解更多关于如何支持社区参与 部门的努力?

          我们的办公室总是热衷于新的伙伴关系建立这种支持我们增加的目标 我们的教职员工和学生的多样性。请联系劳尔伊诺霍萨,社区参与的导演 (972)883-4546 或电子邮件 [电子邮件保护].


          请联系社区参与的部门从大学申请扬声器。我们的办公室 手机 972-883-4546 或通过电子邮件 [电子邮件保护]. 我们将努力确定与您的团队,如果从达拉斯德州可用扬声器参加。


          校友关系网 关于提供信息校园 活动并有机会志愿和网络。


          居住关于,参观校园信息 大学宿舍


          达拉斯德州有学生,职员和教师的免费巴士服务叫 彗星巡洋舰 随着战略地位停止和频繁轮方便我们的学生最多。为我们的大学 免费 飞镖通 并为学生折扣 对于教职员工的价格。


          MOST出国留学程序可以在找到 国际中心网站.


          德克萨斯大学达拉斯分校警察 提供学生巡逻, 无论是根据请求警务人员或学生巡逻护航,和自卫类被称为 弧度。

          谁做的,在大学不愉快的经历时我接触?在那里我可以报告歧视 性骚扰或不当行为?

          机构股票和标题IX举措 提供领导和服务支持 遵守扶持行动,机会平等,道德标准,制度风险领域 管理和防止非法歧视,骚扰和报复。

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