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          Fall 2019-Summer 2020 Coverage

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          International StudentS ONLY (F1, F2, J1, J2 VISAS)

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          Buy Health Insurance by Mail

          Download the Enrollment Form - Domestic Undergraduate and Graduates. Mail the completed form with your payment to: 

          Academic HealthPlans, Inc.
          P.O. Box 1605
          Colleyville, Texas 76034-1605

          Buy Health Insurance Online

          • Go to utdallas.myahpcare.com/enrollment.
          • Select Enrollment > Enroll Online.
          • Read the Terms & Conditions and select I Accept.
          • Enter your 10 Digit UTD-ID and your date of birth.
          • Select Main Campus 2015-16.
          • Under Type, select Undergrad/Graduate and enter the number of semester credit hours in which you are currently enrolled.
          • Enter your demographic data and click Continue.
          • Enter in your remaining Details and then create an online account with a user ID and password.
          • Select the Coverage Period and place your order.


          contact us or visit our office.

          Enroll Dependents by Mail or Fax

          Download the enrollment form for dependents of:

          Submit the completed form with your payment to:

          Academic HealthPlans, Inc.
          P.O. Box 1605
          Colleyville, Texas 76034-1605


          Fax your completed form (if paying by credit card only) to Academic HealthPlans at 1-855-858-1964.

          Enroll Dependents Online

          Domestic students may renew dependent coverage online by logging into your student account at utdallas.myahpcare.com.

          Enrollment Form - International Dependent.

          Dental Insurance

          Domestic students may enroll in dental insurance either online or through the Enrollment Form - Domestic Undergraduate and Graduates. Medical enrollment is required in order to enroll in dental coverage.

          International students must fill out the Enrollment Form - International Dependent


          Special Events Insurance

          [email protected].

          college students at UT Dallas

          Get Insurance

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