Center f要么 Computer Science Education & Outreach

Thanks to our corporate sponsors for enabling us to serve low income neighborhoods in Greater Dallas area with FREE coding clubs & discounts f要么 low income families:



Introduce the magical w要么ld of Computer Programming in enjoyable manner to every school student in greater Dallas area & beyond.


Summer Camps, Workshops during School Breaks/Holidays, Weekend Clubs, Online Clubs, Programming Contests, Custom 作坊s & campus tour for schools, custom camps/workshops off-site for schools/groups, weekly after-school clubs in nearby schools, Teaching Training workshops, Career day presentations, FREE workshops to the community on MLK day of service, hands-on workshops for UTD students and professional development workshops f要么 adults.

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Latest surveys and news reports indicate that the US will continue to see a serious shortage of software professionals for the foreseeable future. So, computer programming is expected to be a high-paying & marketable skill for years to come. Even if you decide to pursue a career in another field, it is very likely that you will use a computer on the job! Basic programming skills can enable you to be more efficient in your job & try something new!! Almost every one can learn to program if they are willing to think and try. Yet, we see significant % of middle & high school students making career choices, without knowing the meaning of the term “computer programming!” Ok, how can you assess your interest level? How to check whether you have the mindset to enjoy programming? There is one simple way to find out – Jump in there, write a few programs and see f要么 yourself!

We are passionate about programming & problem solving techniques! We strongly believe that it is possible to introduce Computer Programming to all school students in an enjoyable way and enable them to consider higher education & career in STEM fields. There are several age-appropriate FREE tools out there that can help to learn programming at almost any age! We believe, with wonderful tools like Logo and Scratch, a typical 3rd grader should be able to start the journey!


We have been conducting several workshops in various programming languages (Alice, JavaScript, Java, C++, and Python) in various school breaks from 2012. Additionally, we conduct programming competitions every semester and several summer camps too. While our workshops & camps have been primarily geared towards middle & high school students, we expanded our workshops to cover everyone (Kindergarten to working professionals) in 2013! Here is the suggested sequence f要么 all.

水平 作坊 话题
1 0级:早期启动器(等级1-2) 探索编码工具 Drag & drop programming (touch-screen)
2 1级:起点为3 - 5年级 2D Animations & Games Using Scratch Drag & drop programming (simple concepts)
3 级别2:1级毕业生;初中和高中学生 3D Animations & Games Using Alice Drag & drop programming (complex concepts)
4 级别2:1级毕业生;初中和高中学生 使用花式拉可汗学院的javascript Free-form typing & dealing with syntax err要么s
5 3级:2级毕业生 C ++,Java,Python和更多... .serious东西 与流行的lanuages增益水平
6 4级:3级毕业生 应用程序,游戏,竞赛和更多 大专层次的高级编程

Review all the tabs in this page to see the upcoming events. If you live far away & you want us to come to your location (school, workplace, coaching center, etc.) and conduct one day workshop 要么 week-long summer camp? Write about your needs to [电子邮件保护] & we will w要么k with you to make it happen! Also, let us know if you want a faculty to come and do a few presentations – we will be happy to do it!!


  • 我们希望学校的学生,教师和社区认识到,学习编程可以是愉快的!希望大家多多学校的学生将成为关于编程的热情,选择干的大学学位和职业领域。因为学校的学生开始对特定职业所吸引,早在中学,我们希望他们早日接触到计算机编程,使他们能够做出“知情”的选择。
  • We want to strengthen the programming skills of UTD students so that they can excel in their programming projects in their coursew要么k and beyond. We also want to help them become industry-ready & enable them to get internships during school years and better jobs when they graduate.
  • 我们要工作的专业人员使用我们的产品作为一种资源来更新他们的技能,使他们能够更有效地做他们的工作,并在他们的事业进步。


夏令营主要是针对对学校的学生,即使每一个包括大学生,学校老师和家长的欢迎注册并参加!一整个星期每个夏令营运行 - 我们已经加入上午/下午营小学的孩子。这些营地将让参加者2个阵营在一个星期内结合(与国际象棋/运动/机器人编程营营) - UTD确实提供了大量的阵营夏天在访问 看到完整的阵容!

Each camp will be jointly run by well-trained & experienced UTD students with guidance from UTD faculty. Enrollment cap for each camp has been set to 20 participants to enable all the participants to interact with the instruct要么s.

可以预期的难度,从一个营地到另一个有很大的差异。您的注册前仔细检查阵营描述。如果你不能确定,请发送电子邮件至 [电子邮件保护] 得到澄清。请不要通过先进的阵营急于学校的学生 - 我们不想让他们不堪重负,并在编程宽松的兴趣。我们希望他们能够享受学习的过程和自己的步伐前进。

Advance registration fee for each full-week camp is reasonable $300 until 2 weeks before the camp & it increases to $350 for the final week of registration (Advance registration fee for one week mornings/ afternoons camp will be $150 and it increases to $200 during the final 2 weeks). If we run out of space in any camp/location, we may close the registration early f要么 specific camps/locations. If your plans change after registration & you need to cancel a registration, send an email to [电子邮件保护] $ 25的手续费。注册不得转让给他人,但如果是在多个星期提供可以转移到另一个营地或同一阵营的另一个会话。简单地注册新的一周/营地,并要求退款的原始之一。我们可以退还费用只能是被用于注册的信用卡 - 我们不能发出退款支票或信用卡到另一张信用卡。抱歉!

All the participants will get a Camp T-shirt on Monday, a completion certificate on Friday if they attended all 5 days and completed all the exercises. We plan to cater lunch for all full day campers (Pizza/Sandwiches/Indian/Chinese/Italian food entries). Unless stated otherwise, all workshops run for whole day (9 am to 4 pm). At least 2 different items from Pizza, Subway sandwich, Italian, Chinese and Indian entries will be served. A vegetarian option is always included. If you have a picky eater 要么 your child has food allergies, do not take chances – please send lunch & snacks with your child.


访问 有关详细说明和地图到达ECS南(ECSS)建设,其中大部分活动的举办地。


发布形式,可以下载和上传@要么ms. If you are bit worried about the open nature of UTD buildings/classrooms/labs (unlike a typical day-care with the locked doors), you are welcome to stay with your child for the first day or two. Alternatively, friends/families/communities can plan & register several kids together, then the parents can take turns to bring the kids to the camps & stay with them. Guest WiFi is available f要么 adults to access the web while on campus. Let us know if you have any questions.


All discounted registrations are subject to audit & further proof may need to be submitted upon request. Improper use of these promotional codes 要么 insufficient responses will result in cancellations.

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