The School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics offers more than 30 undergraduate and graduate programs within its six departments: biological sciences, chemistry and biochemistry, geosciences, mathematical sciences, physics, and science/mathematics education. Each program is research-intensive with close cooperation from industry. Faculty members compete at the national level for sponsored research. Graduates go on to pursue careers at colleges and universities as well as in industrial, medical, public health, environmental and governmental organizations.

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Physicists Find Misaligned Carbon Sheets Yield Unparalleled Properties

Dr. Fan Zhang, assistant professor of physics, and physics doctoral student Qiyue Wang described how the ability of twisted bilayer graphene to conduct electrical current changes in response to mid-infrared light. [more...]

Comets Giving Day Takes On Extra Meaning as University's 50th Anniversary Finale

Comets Giving Day will last 1,969 minutes starting on Aug. 5 and mark the end to the University’s golden anniversary celebrations. More than 50 campus groups will participate, and the event will include gift challenges and matches. [more...]

New Fellowship Program Bolsters Research Opportunities for Master's Students

The Office of Research and the Office of Graduate Education partnered on the Master’s Research Fellowship Program, which awarded grants to 56 students across a wide range of disciplines. [more...]