Systems, Security & IT Architecture 服务 (SSIA) provides foundational IT services for the University necessary for the delivery of the majority of other IT services. A description of the main services provided by SSIA are listed below.



Microsoft Stack – Systems & Enterprise Platforms

信息技术的窗口堆叠队的办公室提供优质的服务和有效的企业解决方案,使学校实现自己的使命,愿景和目标。在OIT wssep团队专注于,但不限于,微软前提和托管解决方案,包括Windows服务器,服务和协作服务。这OIT团队提供设计,部署,管理和企业基础架构和协作服务的维修服务的最高质量;通过创新,高效,技术领先,积极进取的敬业精神,知识,创造力和专业工程师的完整性。

Linux Systems – 服务 & Environments

The Linux Team provides a number of services to the university community at large and to central and distributed IT teams. Customer facing services include mailing lists, general access systems, and the primary web infrastructure for the campus. Back end services include DNS, DHCP, & IP address management (DDI), internet domain management, application load balancing, Linux system authentication and authorization, Red Hat licensing and patch repositories, log aggregation & analysis, as well as the architecture, design, deployment, administration, maintenance, and provisioning of servers, with a focus on Red Hat Enterprise Linux.